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Love Is Hope

Love Is Hope

Sometimes a word, a song, and a helping hand can save a life.  This composition was originally written for my Ph.D. research in counselling and psychotherapy, with the goal of providing an experiential sense of the healing nature of love.  However, when Turkey was struck by the devastating quake recently, I decided that a word, a song, a helping hand, and love can help us get through some of our darkest moments and find the light again.

Created with the team effort of a lovely group of adults and children, an orchestra, and documentary filmmakers (credits can be found in the link), this video is now being used for fundraising to help millions that have been impacted by the earthquake but is also here to provide some healing, love, and hope to all of us regardless of where we are from or what we may be struggling with. This video has also been used to give strength to those who arrived across nations to help us when we needed it most; we felt loved, we felt at one, and we thank you endlessly.  Please feel free to listen here.

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