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Your Brain on Plants

Author: Nicolette Perry and Elaine Perry

Year Published: 2018

Access: Available in English on

Brain / Psychology / Medicinal Plants and Herbs
Your Brain on Plants

Did You Know?

  • Research suggests that consuming turmeric can help withsymptoms of mild to major depression?

Elif’s Notes

Medicinal plants and herbs--Mother Nature’s incredible, and often under utilized, gift! This book offers very clear, simple plants that can help you on your path to better mental health. I read this and fell further in love with nature and its healing attributes. My personal favorites for anxiety have been lemon balm, rose and lavender. For depression I have found success with turmeric, and for general brain health I like rosemary, walnut, and much more!

There are, however, recommendations that did not work for me, such as St.John's wort, cannabis, Ahwagandha and passion flower. Since everyone’s body is unique, we need to be careful when using herbs. Like medicine, herbs can have side effects and cause allergic reactions. On the bright side, research is now showing herbs can provide truly miraculous cures. This book is a great introduction to nature’s organic medicine.

August 20th, 22