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Universal Mysteries

“In Essence, we are all One!” Ahmed Hulusi

Author: Ahmed Hulusi

Translation: Aliya Atalay

Year Published: 2012

Access: Available in PDF Online for free on

Available in English and Turkish

Spirituality / Sufism / Heart Healing
Universal Mysteries


Welcome to the world of “Universal Mysteries! ”In this book we follow our hero Jem, who has an endless curiosity about what we are, how existence works, and what our purpose is. Jem’s world changes completely, however, after encountering Alph, an alien from another Galaxy. As the two characters enter a journey of the mind and spirit together, readers are left fascinated by a completely different perspective on the Universe within.

In particular a great read for:

  • Those who wish to introduce themselves to a Sufi perspective on life and way of being. “Sometimes it feels...As if I’m the driving force in the essence of the cosmos, directing and guiding it...As if all the planets and other bodies are like parts of me, my arms, my hands...” p. 71
  • Those who desire to heal through spirituality. Here we not only explore the Universe in our minds but are also introduced to healing through the discovery of our true selves and the release of our “conditioned” minds.
  • The Truth is your whole personality is nothing but a totality of conditionings!” p.63

September 9, 22