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The Brain by the New Scientist

Author: Alison George

Year Published: 2018

Access: Available in English on

Brain / Psychology / New Science
The Brain by the New Scientist

Elif’s Notes

You’re the proud owner of the most complex information-processing device in the known universe. An adult human brain weighs in at just 1.4 kilograms...(with) 86billion nerve cells with nearly a trillion connections between them...The problem is, you don’t get a user’s manual....As a result, most of us never properly understand how our brains work and what they are capable of...” p. 1

“The Brain” by New Scientist is a great introduction to our wonderfully complex, organic machines. It’s a simple, straightforward read for all. With constant advancements in research and technology, our knowledge of the brain changes constantly, so I recommend staying up-to-date with current developments. However, this book provides a general and comprehensive overview of our current understanding of the brain.

The ever-complex and mysterious, miraculous brain is still mostly a mystery, and cannot be condensed to its biological functioning. While I prefer holistic, spiritual, integrative science with creative perspectives on the brain, I also appreciate all forms of information at our disposal. This book has its strengths and limitations, but is a great resource for general knowledge. So why not begin with some basic, foundational concepts that New Science has to offer on the brain?

P.S.: A favourite chapter of mine is on perception and how the brain creates itsillusory world. I find it fascinating that our lives are essentially our own“hallucinatory” creations.