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Muhammad’s Allah

To be a follower of Muhammad, “is to not discriminate amongst difference and diversity, it is to love people, it is to act with tolerance...because to be Mohammedan means to see Allah in everyone” (Hulusi, 2014).

Author: Ahmed Hulusi

Translation: Aliya Atalay

Year Published: 2012

Access: Available in PDF Online for free on

Available in English and Turkish

Spirituality / Sufism / Brain / Peace
Muhammad’s Allah


Perhaps one of the greatest treasures I have come across is a comprehensive, clearly written, understanding of Muhammad’s “Allah.” I have endless gratitude to the author for providing this perspective. Nowadays we have seen The Prophet Muhammad’s words being used for all kinds of atrocities; to the extent that the word “Allah” creates fear, and has been used to to dictate and control, terrorize and kill. Rather than inspiring the eternal journey inward, it has been used as an external source to service the body and world of possessions.

This work showed me explanations of the brain that clarified a lot of my questions, and most importantly, it showed me a path to the heart of Muhammad. It allowed me to say, I am Muhammadan.

What if you woke up one day and realized, that:

...everything is essentially localized, densified apparitions of knowledge, which according to the enlightened ones, haven’t even sensed existence yet...nothing in the universe has an actual existence; their existence is only within the knowledge of Allah. To put it simply, they are imaginary beings!” p. 13

That there is no God in the heavens, only Allah, an “existence that is infinite, limitless and ONE.” p. 19

Please read for a mind and world-altering introduction to Muhammad, that can help increase peace in the Muslim world, through the religion of Love.

September 9, 22