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Gattefosse’s Aromatherapy

Author: Rene-Maurice Gatefosse

Editor: Robert B. Tisserand

Translation: Louise Davies

Year Published: 1993

Access: Available in English on

Essential Oils / Holistic Health / Miraculous Nature
Gattefosse’s Aromatherapy

Did You Know?

  • Vanilla and heliotrope may help with anxiety and depression? And angelica essence at low doses stimulates the brain, but at high doses can become a narcotic. Lavender can help hair loss and 30 grams or more of clove oil might cause a loss of consciousness. (p. 69, 70, 75, 116).

Elif’s Notes

“Gattefosse’s Aromatherapy” brings us one of the first books on aromatherapy for holistic health. This is a fascinating introduction to essential oils as a medical cure. In 1910, Gattefosse discovered the miraculous speedy healing properties of lavender oil after severely burning his hands in an explosion, leading him to extensive research on essential oils and medicine. These days, the use of aromas in massages or for pleasure and health has gained momentum, yet a whole world of aromas is still waiting to be explored. This book is an introduction to viewing essential oils in a way like never before.

This book is not a guide on how to use them, but rather, provides perspective on a life of holistic health through oils. This book focuses more on the physical-medical benefits of oils, such as suggesting lavender oil for hair loss to oils specifically for dental hygiene. It inspires questions such as, “How can I cure a burn, a cut, or wash my hair and teeth in natural, healthy ways? “ to deeper ones like, “how can I use essential oils to aid my cancer treatment, auto immune disorder or depression?” It inspires a new perspective on plants, people and life, from the lens of aromas. While I also recommend aromatherapy books that offer specific formulas, particularly as they relate to mental health, this one is here simply to broaden our minds and open ourselves to the magical and miraculous cures that exist in mother nature.

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