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Becoming Supernatural

So why not ask yourself every day, “what would love do?”p.322

Author: Joe Dispenza

Year Published: 2017

Access: Available in English on

Meditation / Miraculous Recovery / Brain / Spirituality
Becoming Supernatural

Elif’s Notes

Becoming supernatural brings magic into reality; it shows us through real-life examples what a miracle our brain is, it shows us our own power, and our ability to both get sick and heal through our thoughts. Dispenza describes how becoming supernatural is only natural, if only we knew how to utilize our brains!

Never lose hope. Here we witness people healing miraculously from cancer to debilitating car accidents through the power of their thoughts. Here it is, a book of hope and miracles translated into life experience.

Anna is healed of cancer:...

“In this state, Anna had no problems, she left her pain behind, and she was truly free for the first time. She wasn’t her name, her gender, her disease, her culture or profession-she was beyond space and time. She had connected to afield of information called the quantum field, where all possibilities exist...she knew she was something or someone greater, much grander than her physical body. In this state of intense joy she felt such delight and such immense gratitude that she burst into laughter. At that moment, Anna knew she was going to be okay...”p. 13.

September 20th, 22