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Awakened Dreams: Raji’s Journeys with the Mirror Dede

“Whatever exists in this Universe is my attribute.” Ahmet Hilmi

Author: Ahmet Hilmi

Translation: Refik Algan and Camille Helminski

Year Published: 1993

Access: Available to buy on; in English and in Turkish.

Spirituality / Sufism / Heart Healing
Awakened Dreams: Raji’s Journeys with the Mirror Dede


Be prepared to be swept away into Raji’s journey! Raji is a man lost and disillusioned with life, when he meets an eccentric grandfather who lives at a cemetery. The old man, dressed in mirrors, invites Raji for a coffee, and then plays him a song that awakens a series of dreams. Through this encounter, Raji experiences worlds outside of normal human perception, and each one brings him closer to the truth of his existence.

This book, filled with enchanted dialogue, brings you on a mystical journey that will leave you feeling “awakened.”

In particular a great read for:

  • Those who wish to introduce themselves to a Sufi perspective on life and way of being.
  • Those who desire to expand their perspective on existence.
  • Those who wish to read a fascinating novel of fiction, said to have been based on lived experience.

The Perfected Ones weren’t deceived

By the pleasures of the world.

They realized that all of this

Is but a shadow play.

The sweet wrapping of the Universe

Soon melts away

Holding the skirt of love,

Some have reached the lover.

-Ahmet Hilmi 1993, 11

September 13, 22